Welcome to Re’isa al Ghul!

Hello! My name is Reisa. I’m a long time bibliophile, slightly immature for my age, but of a gamer, obbessor of hot drinks and lady of the written word.

I love to read, it has been a passion for me since I was 3. Yes, three.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I am 6’2”.
  • I love all manners of bears.
  • I am a caffeine addict.
  • I need to live in creative chaos.
  • I have a typical love of romance.
  • I am an amateur writer.
  • I also like taking pictures!
  • I am a nail polish addict as well.
  • I tend to go on Netflix/Hulu binges
  • I love hummus
  • I quote Futurama a lot.
  • I often fall asleep with the same show.
  • I am slowly getting into normal vlogging!

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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Thanks for visiting! I love comments and conversations!

This blog originally started off as a book only blog, but I have decided to branch out and do more. This is my blog, and I shall do as I see fit!


25 thoughts on “Welcome to Re’isa al Ghul!

  1. Z. Paul Nguyen says:

    You’re taller and are a part of The Panda Brigade. You’re armed with an orthodox view of romance. I should be expecting lots of pictures of nail polish. And you’ll be writing more. Write?

    • reisareads says:

      I am taller than many! Pandas are amazing. Yup! You maaaay. Yes. I will give you a small example.

      Ingrid swallowed hard. This was the end of the road for her and Abner. She knew that she just could not take staring at his blank expression as he ate his typical blueberry muffin oatmeal with not one, but two shots of cream. The phlegmy cough he would make, the rattle of the paper. It grated on her. She had tried. She really had! But with someone with the density of kibble, and the smarts of roadkill it was pretty much just like doing nothing. With a sigh, and a sip of her typical strawberry quik milk Ingrid got up from the table, to start the day anew.

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