So a small update…



I haven’t really been updating on my life. It’s not cause I don’t want too!


Life just has been busy as hell! I am lucky if I get a moment to sit down and not worry about if X is going to complicate Y, or if there is enough money to do XYZ. Or if I can get ABC to KYL in time to make sure BLH is done!

Life is kicking my ass.

Nothing bad is happening. It’s just been busy. Life has actually been.. good! We actually have adopted! Here is our sweet boy now:


We named him Ruce! It’s a long story how we got him, that I may write out in another blog post.

So while life is kicking my ass… I am going to force myself to sit down and do what I need for me. For me, that’s reading, writing and gaming. That’s one of the reasons why I started PokeJournal!

I really hope I stick with it. I really love the concept of it, and want to do more than just Pokémon White.

If this works out, I may venture off to other games. Who knows?

I am also gonna try to get back into book blogging on here again. SLOWLY. I miss it. I really do. I may cross post the blogs (and mark off that I am when I do).

The stuff on my rant/short story blog, Six of Crows is going to stay there for the most part. While I might cross post some in the future, it’s going to pretty much stay the same.

I know it’s weird having three blogs, but it makes sense for me.

I am weird about certain things.

I hope everyone has been doing well! I would love to know what is going on in your lives!

Anyways, this is it for now!

  • Sera Quinn

So I return… again. 4/12/18



Oh look… it’s almost not a year since my last post!



So I have been gone. A looooooooooooooooooooooooot has happened.

From my dads death to one of my best friends… It’s been one hell of a year away.


I don’t wanna get into too much detail. It just has been hard. I hope you all can forgive me.


Reading and the girl.

Okay so it’s been…

Over a year since my last book review.

Over two since I was on hardcore blog mode.

This is not Bueno.

I do need to apologize. For some reason I just… haven’t been reading. Maybe it’s a side effect of depression? Not quite sure.

I keep trying to push myself to write and read, but nothing seems to stick. I am not quite sure what to do. I want to read. The desire is there; but the drive isn’t. I have even tried audiobooks. Nothing seems to push me to maybe 1, 4 books a year. I don’t understand it. I want to get out of this funk.

If anyone has any tips…?


  • Jessa Quinn

Writing Wednesday #1: Writing Goals.

So this is the first edition of my Writing Wednesday!



So many things could be posted for this! So many ideas, so many paragraphs!


So, what better topic to post other than, our writing goals!


Do you have monthly, weekly or daily goals? Do you keep a word count? 


Personally, I am going for a 200-500 per spree of writing. I want to try to build up in the next few months up to a bare minimum of 500. 🙂 I love writing, but sometimes it can be rough when you have ADHD & writers block. It can be like shaking shiny keys infront of me.

I often keep alarms, to make sure that I keep up not just my writing goals, but life as well. Living with ADHD, sometimes setting small alarms is a great reminder of ” HEY! I CAN’T BE STARING AT THAT SQUIRREL! I GOT SHIT TO DO/TO WRITE!”

When the writers block hits me, I try to sit back and relax. Grab a cup of tea, maybe listen to some relaxing (to me) music & just try to open my mind. Just taking in the smell of the tea & falling into the lyrics of a good Ludo or Cradle of Filth song can be so soothing to not just the mind, but the soul. 


Heck, sometimes I even grab a book. Sometimes diving into someone elses world really helps my clam shell of a mind slowly open its hinged mouth and release for sweet air. Albeit a classic such as the wonderful terra firma of Wonderland, or the high paced adventures in Chicago in Divergent or just the imagery from such books as The Stand, letting myself fall into place sometimes lets my characters peek their heads out and say ” hi. i am ready to talk again. “


I do whatever I can to not fall into those writing slumps. Those literary dumps. Once I fall in, it can be MONTHS before I can escape the razor edged talons of what I call the Slump Hawk. I think I may talk about the Slump Hawk in the next WW. 


So, like asked before, what do you set yout goals to be? Do you have advice for me? Do you have any idea of what you might want me to write about next? 




Peace and Love, 



A want of old writing…



Lately I have been wondering if it would be worth it to get a type writer. Does anyone have experience with one? Could you give me hints and tips?


I have always had a fascination with them. The touch, the feel. Just the pure.. Power of them. Once you write, there is no back space. There is no do over. You have to do the whole damn page over again. It just feels so final.


it’s something I have always wanted. I love the smell of a type writer. I love thinking of what COULD be. What IS to be. Something that is beyond comprehension. I guess it’s like a long lost love feeling.


I have always loved writing. When my main laptop is fixed, I plan on starting my manuscript again. I know what I want to write. What story is locked inside and I know it will explode onto the pages.


So, if you have any points, tips, or good affordable (120$ and under) brands you can share, I would love it! 


– Reisa