Why I have been missing/Cover reveal for The Winner’s Kiss!

So, a lot has happened, and this is pretty much a update post. From tornadoes, to stress, rainstorms, graphic novels and a friend thought to be missing or worse… the last week has been crazy.

You can check it all out more in depth right here.

Please be on the look out for book reviews, random posts and a lot more to come!

Over and out.


…oh wait. You wanted a cover? I think I have one rrriiiggghhhtt…



ITS SO PRETTY GUYS!… althought I wish it would have stayed with the C theme. ;_; I mean it’s still a Kuh-sound, but mmrrrffh. I do like it though! ­čśÇ

Anyways, time to fly!

~ Rei’sa


Monday Missions/Updates #1

So this is my very first ever MONDAY MISSION!


So, I have been thrown back into a slumptastic slump from HELL. I haven’t read anything much other than a few chapters here and there since I have been sick!

Oh yeah. I was sick. Last month was a months from which scary stories are formed.

First, I was sick, dripping, and just plan awful feeling. Then my husband got sick, broke his toe and then his glasses.

I┬áwanted to read, but any time I would try too, I would drip/he would need my help/I couldn’t focus. It was torture!

So, renewed and healthy(ier), March hopefully will be promising.

My plans for this week are as follows:

Finish up Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

rebel belle

Start/Read The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski


Start/Read The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey <3<3


And HOPEFULLY start one of these:

* Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury


* Bomb by Sarah Mussi


* My Best Everything by Sarah Tomp



All of these look amazing, and I am loving Rebel Belle… but I keep setting it down. It’s not bad, but the slump is pushing all will to read. I am debating on reading a Graphic Novel to break the tension.

What is on your TBR, what are you looking forward too reading? Leave a comment down below, and let’s talk!

On to the more personal stuff!

Hopefully by the end of the night, I will be a blonde and starting on my tour to being a pastel colored beauty! I am planning on making my hair kind of like this:


Which do you think looks better?


Reisa over and out!