Shower Thoughts Sundays #2 [3/22/15]

Shower Thoughts Sunday is just something I thought I would whip up to talk about different thought I have had about different things. Mostly the book community, but sometimes others. They will focus on one topic, but maybe diverge onto similar topic, but I will stay on the topic at hand.

Todays Topic:

reading slumps.

Ah, the reading slump. The old enemy. The one who comes around and decides to kick you in the face and say NOPE. NO READING FOR YOU, PUNK!


It’s almost like a living hell for readers. No matter what I try when I am in a slump, nothing works. I try, and try, and try to read and it’s just won’t (1)

So, this ends up being me:


The best and worst thing that happens to me when this happens is our good ol’ friends Netflix and Hulu.While they can help you out of a slump, they sure as hell can keep you in one too. I recently watched Friends to completion, just finished watching the entire series of Fraiser, and am now on my way to working on That 70’s Show.

Do you know what it’s like to binge that many shows?! It looks kind of like this:


and then you are like:


So you run to your closest book, and a little later you are like:

a reading slump

It’s hard to get out of a slump, but one you do… and you find the perfect book…


And you just cling to it


and say over and over:


And you can finally read like normal:


That is… until the next slump.


So, how do you get over them? What do you do? Leave a comment down below and let’s talk!

Bloggingly yours,



One thought on “Shower Thoughts Sundays #2 [3/22/15]

  1. bookpolygamist says:

    Haha I loved this – especially the fitting GIFs XD I find in recent years my reading slumps come from a reluctance to soldier on with a long or difficult book, so I set myself a reading challenge and usually put it on the blog to guilt myself into keeping it….possibly a bit of a passive aggressive way of going about it but it has lead to me reading more of a book that normally would stay unread for long periods of time so it has worked 🙂

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