Sectional Saturdays #2 [3/21/15]

So! I am a little late to the party with my #FridayReads. Life has been one big ball of blah.

I have been not only dealing with loads of stress, depresstion decided to rear it’s ugly head. I have read, maybe… 4 chapters this week? I know that in reality that isn’t horrible, but I feel like a failure.


So other than that, last weeks hang out was a success.

We watched Horns and talked a bit. It was a bit nerve wracking at first, since the PS4 wanted to be a butt, but otherwise good.

Horns is fucking awesome by the way.


Other than that, I was supposed to do my first Tea Party Tuesday, but life decided to just nope all over that.

My husband is going to a concert/jazz thing tonight. Now, I have no problem with him going… I just have this fear of him getting hurt. He isn’t a delicate flower by any means, but  just get anxious. Is this something other people get? There is a small possibility he might not come home tonight, and might end up hanging out at a friends moms.

I know logically he will be okay, I still worry.


I am planning, PLANNING on possibly maybe making a book haul video. I have a lot of books. Specially after yesterday.


This happened:

I was floored by what the amazing Heather Doss from Harper Collins sent me. For some people, this might be a normal thing. For me? Not so much. This had me FLOORED. I won’t lie. I cried. This much love took me by surprise. I originally had just requested Emmy and Oliver since she was doing a give away. She LOVED Emmy and Oliver and said she would send it, along with one other of her favorites.

A giant box came.

This is was way more than one.

This was me after opening the box:



I just.

This is something I will remember for years to come. Thank you Heather.

So, I recently I got Pokemon Omega Ruby.


I am using Treeko; Mightyena, Nuzleaf, Skitty, Wingull and Surskit

So, this is a little short, but I have a few things I need to do.

Leave me a comment down below about anything.

Over and out,


One thought on “Sectional Saturdays #2 [3/21/15]

  1. MyFriendsAreFiction (@Kris10MFAF) says:

    Heather is oh so kind. That was such a nice surprise for her to give ARCs away. I’m so sorry you’ve had some depression. I’ve been struggling with it myself so I completely relate. I hope you start to feel better. Seems like depression hits fast but getting out of it takes a good length of time.

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