Shower Thoughts Sunday #1 : Preordering and Day 1 needing.

Shower Thoughts Sunday is just something I thought I would whip up to talk about different thought I have had about different things. Mostly the book community, but sometimes others. They will focus on one topic, but maybe diverge onto similar topic, but I will stay on the topic at hand.

Today my topic is something that might get me a lot of guff; but I have a lot of thoughts on.



Now, don’t get me wrong! I love preordering. I do it for a few auto buy authors. There are a few that I NEED to have on day 1.

But preordering in the book community is slowly becoming as bad as the preordering epidemic in the gaming community!

My husband and I were actually talking about this today. He is a avid lover of games, from Sony, to PC [master race], to where his true gaming heart lies; Nintendo. For the past few years, he has picked up a few preorder/day 1 things; Mass Effect 2 and 3, Borderlands 2, Dark Souls 1 and 2(special edition with statue), Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and etc, only to be massively dissappointed by most.

The game play was solid in a few of them, but he always felt like it wasn’t worth it. The small ‘perks’ that he got for it (that sometimes ended up being given to the public anyways for free or under 5$), the immediate access, the knick knacks he got… It just feels like a waste to him now. Granted, he doesn’t fully regret all of them, but some he wishes he would have waited on them after playing them.

The same could be said for books. I had the same and similar dilemmas with a few books I preordered/got day one/could not wait due to hype and asked for ARCs for.

Let’s take Becca Fitzpatrick’s Black Ice. I still have to do a full review on this; but… I really hated it. I won’t sugar coat it. I really hated it.


Now before any of you Hush, Hush fangirls attack me, please do understand: I had never read a Becca Fitzpatrick book before this (and maybe the Hush, Hush series is great!), and I know some people love it. I did not. I am in no way bashing it. To each their own loves! 😀

With this one, I pretty much gave into hype. With how much praise her books had (I only ever had seen the good at the time), I decided. “Well fudge. It’s only $2.99 on kindle for preorder, why the hell not!?”

I even read part of it on Day 1! …. and was ultimately dissatisfied. I liked the style, but not the story. I won’t go into detail why, but it’s why I decided against preordering SUPER CHEAP preorder kindle books. I even passed on the deal they had for Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver due to this. This book really jaded me. I really wish I had waited, and done my research. Sure, it was only 3ish bucks, but I still wish I waited on this one.

This also influenced another thing. Preordering things from authors I know NOTHING about/debut authors. Sure, the ARC’s from reviewers might be great, but I never really get an honest feeling for a book, if I will like it until maybe a week or two after it’s released.

And I know this kind of makes me look bad, since trusted reviewers get ARCs (self included) to review before release and we should trust them. But like I said, sometimes hype gets to be well, huge. I have even seen people I trust retract their reviews months later and downing the book a bit!

Sure, books are hit or miss with everyone. You can’t always guarantee a great story or writer. And yes, there are books I am chomping at the bit for.

(I’m looking at you, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir.)

Now, some authors give us a reason to preorder or want too. Free swag or extra bits. Like with:

  • The lovely Miss Jennifer L. Armentrout (Author of Half Blood, The Lux Series, Wait For You Companion Series),
  • Sarah J Maas, (Author of the Throne of Glass Series, A Court of Thorns and Roses and The Starkillers Cycle with Miss Susan Dennard)
  • And my wonderful friend Eric Smith (Author of INKED, The Geek’s Guide To Dating, Textual Healing)

Who offer preorder bonuses like extra info on the story/characters/side stories, signed items and the like. Normally, even with special things like this anymore, I would say no; unless I know I like the authors writing and style is something I know I will or do like. I do not mind supporting them if they are someone I know I can trust my little book lover heart too.

I love supporting new authors by reviewing their books, but if it’s something I am unsure about… I wait. I keep my trigger finger online still until a week or two later. I used to have a really bad problem preordering all the things. Needed them now cause Reviewer A said it was AMAZING. BEST BOOK EVER! and so did Reviewer B, and they said I need to preorder nownownownownownownownownownownownow.

My heart can’t take the pain anymore from this.

It’s been broken too much.


There is only a few things that will keep me from preordering/day 1 or week 1 buying:

  • I do not know the authors writing/style.
  • I have not read anything by them before the new book (assuming they are a well known author.)
  • It’s being overly hyped before it’s release.
  • It’s someone I trust, but the preorder date is after the 10th, cause monies.

Now, I know this might get a bit of hate, but I had to be honest. I want to know I atleast have a fighting chance to like the book, the game or what have you. I hate feeling like I sunk my hopes into something, then feel like what was offered was a chocolate fountain and what I really got was a rough piece of cocoa shaped like a fountain.

Now, I know I sound mean, and I should be nicer. Don’t get me wrong, if I do get a good feeling from a book and author, I sometimes still do give in and sometimes am very pleasently surprised!

(Looking at you so far, The Sin-Eaters Daughter. :D)

But you can’t blame me for being cautious… can you?

Leave me a message in the comments with your thoughts! I would love to discuss this!

Anyways, over and out! 😀


4 thoughts on “Shower Thoughts Sunday #1 : Preordering and Day 1 needing.

  1. studyinink says:

    I’ve started to be more cautious as well, after giving in to the hype once too often and being dissappointed. Now I wait for some reviews and always have to remember to read the first few pages of a book before I buy it because apparently my taste is not always like everyone else’s. And that’s fine. I just have to not forget that xD

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