#FridayReads and Updates

So this friday pretty much chases the last friday reads!

I will still be working on Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins!

rebel belle

It’s not that I haven’t been interested, it’s been because… well. Life.

Anytime I try to read, something happens. D:


If it isn’t working on the subreddits I work with, it’s something breaking, if it’s not that it’s an injury on one of both of us (husband or I’s) or massive amounts of snow stifling my attention. (I love snow.)


All I want to do is read. I miss reading.

But, back on the snow front… THERE HAS BEEN SO MUCH SNOW IN TEXAS! 😀 We have had so much in the past two weeks, it felt like I was in Maryland again… I had a snow ball fight, I ate snow cream, it was amazing.

I still hope summer times stays away.


Anyways, I am just going to stay on the hopes of finishing Rebel Belle soon. 🙂

I do have a small book haul coming up, and eBook haul haha.

Until next time,

Rei’sa al Ghul, over and out!

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