Why I am stepping away from a few read a longs.

So this month I had planned to take part in a few read a longs. They of course being











Due to my attention being requested by friends and a speckling of many other things, I bareky have time for myself. A book I should have finished two days ago still goes unread, I haven’t picked up Falling Kingdoms, I haven’t started Amy and Rogers and I haven’t even picked up Siege and Storm.


I do not think this is fair to the other people I am reading along with so I will be stepping away from the #contemporarylovers and #kingdoms604 read a longs. I really want to, but I did not expect to be in… such high demand. I will still be doing  #readGRISHA and #UnderHypedReads as I had promised too about two to three weeks before all this happened.


When it comes to BookTubeAThon, I am not sure I will be joining. If I do, there will be a TBR video tomorrow. It may help me speed through a few books. 🙂


Anyways, I am going to go take a nap before I have to get running again. I love you all!



~ Reisa Reads

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