Why I have been gone.

So you may or may not noticed that I have been slightly… absent.

Basically my fiance and I were to watch his grandmother while his Aunt  was taking care of her daughter after an operation for two weeks. During that time, his grandmother took a small turn for the worst, having a stroke the first night. Which was followed by a second stroke later that night… for the following 13 days she just kept falling down hill.

She wouldn’t eat, barely drank, was rarely awake & for a while there we thought she might pass. In the hospice notes left for us, she was/is showing all the signs, plus she is constantly saying ” It’s time to go home “.

The only reason we left was because we had been so wrapped up in taking care of her, we forgot to take care of ourselves and we had to get back to our lives.

Leaving her was the hardest thing I have ever done.

I didn’t wanna go. I still wanna go back, but I know we have to relax so we can be of a better help to her. We are possibly going back around the 24th if we are needed, if she seems to not be getting any better.

God it kills me inside to see her struggle. She can’t even ask for water, or food. We have to ask her. I know it hurts her so much to not be able to be understood when she DOES talk. 😦

But, yes. That is why I haven’t posted much on Booktube or here. I am sorry for the delay, and will try to post a few reviews and general posts ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding,

Reisa Reads


3 thoughts on “Why I have been gone.

  1. Expat Bostonians says:

    I’m so sorry.
    My grandfather became ill and went downhill rapidly while we were in the US in December. When I got the hospital he couldn’t speak–I saw his eyes focus on me with lucidity a few times, so I have the comfort of knowing that he knew I was there. But it was awful.
    Being a grownup and having to somehow manage to deal with these things sucks.

    • reisareads says:

      It really does suck.

      She is kind of betterish, but for how long? It kind of kills me inside just thinking about it. She kind of is living my biggest nightmare.

      I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

      I am very sorry for your loss, hun.

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