So that happened.

So I had to take a week off BookTube and blogging in general. 


We had a death in the family on my fiance’s side and well… I had a to be a better sweetheart than a better blogger. I hope you all understand. BUT! That did not mean that I stopped reading every second I got, which wasn’t a lot to be honest. 😦 


I did, however finish Steelheart today.  I cannot WAIT to type up the review for that! 😀 It was mind bending!


As a general blog post though; things seem to be going slowly back to what we consider to be normal. Auhzy is finally sleeping a bit, he fell asleep about two hours ago, and is eating normally, we should be able to get through the month hopefully.

I have moved onto Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros already and let me tell you! I needed a book like this. After Steelheart, I just needed a rewind. I was asked to read/review this by her publisher ASAP after I had sent in a request for it. One night, and I am already 25% done and looooving it!


Now… for me. How am I feeling? Honestly? I have no idea. I have been feeling like a blank slate this entire time. I mean, dont’ get me wrong, when it’s time for cuddling & loving I am all for it! I just… I feel like part of me is going BLEH to itself and I have no idea why. Maybe it’s just seasonal. I dunno.


Anyways, tomorrow may be the beginning of a new chapter on BookTube, a new setting for /r/bookies!




~ Reisa


Also, I have never seen Frozen but I love that Let it Go song. o_o


4 thoughts on “So that happened.

  1. drusual says:

    😦 Sorry to hear about your family’s tragedy…definitely priorities happen. And I’m looking forward to your Steelheart review; I’ve had tons of recommendations for it, and added it to my WL.

    • reisareads says:

      We’ve had a few deaths this year, and I fear for the worst when it comes to his Nana. 😦 I don’t think he would start to build himself back up for a long time.

      • drusual says:

        If there’s one thing that I think is truly unfair in life, it’s the fact that it’s relatively short compared to the number of things we could potentially experience.

      • reisareads says:

        I agree. She is one of the absolute sweetest women, if not the sweetest woman I know. She’s the Nana lady I talk about. The world will be losing a star that day. But, as for Steelheart I believe I will do a written review for today/tomorrow. 🙂 I will make sure I link you it. 😀

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