Books and Memories.




Do you associate books with memories? Or certain items? Something reminded me of this about a week ago, and I wanted to post about it. I picked up Hollow City by Ransom Riggs in the thoughts that I would buy the first one (a friend actually gifted me it and I had grabbed the eBook one earlier). Now, my first reason wasn’t just because of JesseTheReader’s suggestion (but I must say he has great taste), but because of something else.



My grandfather used to love unique photographs. He would collect them, search for them in Yard Sales with my grandmother and just.. somehow find them. I believe once he found one on the street! Now, a great deal weren’t so much creepy as strange. 


Older photographs, leaning more toward black and white can often be exposed and look very… different. Not what was intended at the time. Sunken in eyes, deadly stares and the like. Or even things in the background where something should not be.He also liked pictures of Crytpids. So, I believe when I start Mr. Ransom Riggs books, they will be like sitting next to my grandfather, scared, excited and curious for what comes next.



Love and Peace,



5 thoughts on “Books and Memories.

  1. kelly199865 says:

    I’ve never thought about it that much. I just enjoy reading book and be lost in my own world. I guess subconsciously, books would remind me of some nostalgic memories but I just haven’t realized it yet. Thank you for writing this post! It is very meaningful and it gets me to seriously think of what books really mean to me!

  2. drusual says:

    Hey Reisa, is my site letting you read now? It looks like it was set on private only; I changed it to allow browsers, which I think opens it up to the public to read?

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