Writing Wednesday #1: Writing Goals.

So this is the first edition of my Writing Wednesday!



So many things could be posted for this! So many ideas, so many paragraphs!


So, what better topic to post other than, our writing goals!


Do you have monthly, weekly or daily goals? Do you keep a word count? 


Personally, I am going for a 200-500 per spree of writing. I want to try to build up in the next few months up to a bare minimum of 500. 🙂 I love writing, but sometimes it can be rough when you have ADHD & writers block. It can be like shaking shiny keys infront of me.

I often keep alarms, to make sure that I keep up not just my writing goals, but life as well. Living with ADHD, sometimes setting small alarms is a great reminder of ” HEY! I CAN’T BE STARING AT THAT SQUIRREL! I GOT SHIT TO DO/TO WRITE!”

When the writers block hits me, I try to sit back and relax. Grab a cup of tea, maybe listen to some relaxing (to me) music & just try to open my mind. Just taking in the smell of the tea & falling into the lyrics of a good Ludo or Cradle of Filth song can be so soothing to not just the mind, but the soul. 


Heck, sometimes I even grab a book. Sometimes diving into someone elses world really helps my clam shell of a mind slowly open its hinged mouth and release for sweet air. Albeit a classic such as the wonderful terra firma of Wonderland, or the high paced adventures in Chicago in Divergent or just the imagery from such books as The Stand, letting myself fall into place sometimes lets my characters peek their heads out and say ” hi. i am ready to talk again. “


I do whatever I can to not fall into those writing slumps. Those literary dumps. Once I fall in, it can be MONTHS before I can escape the razor edged talons of what I call the Slump Hawk. I think I may talk about the Slump Hawk in the next WW. 


So, like asked before, what do you set yout goals to be? Do you have advice for me? Do you have any idea of what you might want me to write about next? 




Peace and Love, 



3 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday #1: Writing Goals.

  1. maxcherishdesire says:

    I alternate between days when I have a million great ideas (and try to scribble them down) and days when I just can’t seem to get five sentences to flow together.

    So I’ve had to really try to organize my chaos. I pick two or three characters each month whom I want to write about. I set goals for each quarter around how productive I want to be and what specific stories/books I want to produce. And then I usually ignore all of that and go with what comes until I get stuck.

    Once I get stuck, I have a wealth of my own ideas to look at and consider if I’ve got the stamina to produce them. When that fails, my next step is going through visual and audio inspiration – Tumblr, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. There are things that jump start a story – how she’s looking into the camera, the emotions a song provokes, that motion or interplay between two actresses…

    When that fails, I go a different route. I always have a ton of reading lined up and plenty of movies and TV series on the shelf. Sometimes I read for just pleasure. Sometimes I read to reinvent the story in my own way. I watch a lot of TV shows on disc to explore character conflicts and development, which can provide some insight into things that I might do differently or better. I watch a lot of movies to grab hold of the “Who the hell is that stupid???” moments as well as the brilliant smooth transitions and cliff hangers.

    All of that is food for the imagination and emotional core. The stories evolve on their own in the background, though I do get lightning strikes and feel that buzz when I’ve stumbled into something really magnificent. It’s all very chaotic really, but I find the structured “write an outline” sort of thing is pretty stifling until I’m well into a series.

  2. Sabrena says:

    I’ll sometimes have lines or whole (a) scene(s) pop into my head, and I have to write them down. Other times nothing comes, I want to write but no one is ‘speaking’ to me.

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