HollyWEIRD vs. The Tomes of YA

So I have been thinking…

A lot of popular YA (Young Adult) books are in production/optioned lately to be movies.

Not that I mind, I hope they are good and all [read as: YOU BETTER NOT MESS UP TFioS HOLLYWOOD!], but I worry that Hollywood just… isn’t trying anymore.

Since the blow up of the Harry Potter movies, other books to movie in the YA and MG (Middle Grade) have been showing up more and more.

Sure, I loved Hunger Games, and absolutely loathed Twilight, but when will this trend end? Do we want it too? Is there a limit to what is acceptable and what is just.. excessive?

I haven’t seen Catching Fire/Enders Game/Beautiful Creatures/Percy Jackson Lightining Thief-Sea of Monsters yet and I am not quite sure I am going to see Vampire Academy or Divergent when it first comes out. I am actually SCARED of what they might become. With so many hit or misses, what is a fan girl to do?

Should I cling to my books and hope for the best? Should I hide behind them and let them know it’s okay. That I will love them regardless of what HollyWEIRD does to them?

Should I stand firm and watch the movies with a brave face?

This booknerdigans solider has no idea how to respond in the face of the tweakers and editors of Hollywood.


4 thoughts on “HollyWEIRD vs. The Tomes of YA

  1. Amy Sachs says:

    I know what you mean! I’m so conflicted when it comes to books becoming movies but The hunger games and Catching Fire kind of changed my mind on that. …Even though it took me over a year to finally watch The Hunger Games.

  2. ReadAtAllHours says:

    I know what you mean too! I’m actually terrified of the VA movie at this point because I really don’t know if I’m going to like it. Hollywood really doesn’t when it’s enough, but considering that almost all of these YA fantasy adaptations flopped recently except the Hunger Games (and VA still could) they might slow down sooner than we think. The City of ashes movie that was supposed to be a sure thing is already on hold and might never be made. Sorry for the rambling, hope I made some kind of sense. 🙂

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