A want of old writing…



Lately I have been wondering if it would be worth it to get a type writer. Does anyone have experience with one? Could you give me hints and tips?


I have always had a fascination with them. The touch, the feel. Just the pure.. Power of them. Once you write, there is no back space. There is no do over. You have to do the whole damn page over again. It just feels so final.


it’s something I have always wanted. I love the smell of a type writer. I love thinking of what COULD be. What IS to be. Something that is beyond comprehension. I guess it’s like a long lost love feeling.


I have always loved writing. When my main laptop is fixed, I plan on starting my manuscript again. I know what I want to write. What story is locked inside and I know it will explode onto the pages.


So, if you have any points, tips, or good affordable (120$ and under) brands you can share, I would love it! 


– Reisa


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